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Moving Considerations

Moving house can have a lot of hidden fees that you perhaps wouldn't be aware of until you run into them, or you just didn't think about them. Moving cost calculator want to make the task of moving house as simple and easy as possible for you as we can by making sure you are prepared for your move and aware of every step you need to take along the way.

Our moving cost calculator works out all of the fees / charges you will have to worry about - if we have it on our calculator, you may need to check if the fee will impact your move. All prices fluctuate up and down, so don't be alarmed at the massive amount of fees we show. Some of the fees on our calculator are not strictly required, the main purpose of our calculator is to tell you how much a smooth and easy move will cost. Even if you are buying a property with less value, make sure that any charges are within your range as the moving costs can add up to a large total.

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Calculations For

Cost of Moving House

Set Your Budget

The price which a property is advertised at is not always the price you will end up paying. You make your offer through the seller's estate agent, who will exchange information with the seller. Stamp duty cost will most likely be in play when buying a new house, which is something to factor into the price.

Finances & Mortgages

It is ideal for you to have sorted out a mortgage before you take an interested in a particular house. If you have a mortgage before you start looking at housing then you will be sure that you are okay to put down an offer. Money worries are always there when buying a new house, this is not so important if you are down-sizing however.

Choose Your Property

When buying or selling a house, having a good conveyor is always a good idea. You can hire a solicitor to be your surveyor who can handle all of the legal aspects of buying and selling the properties. There are many costs to take into consideration, including the costs of the conveyancing process.

Offers and Prices

House prices can always vary and they may not be at the level you think they are going to be. The given price is not always what the seller is wanting to get for the property - a lot of wiggle room is left for the negotiation of pricing. offers and negotiations will go through the given solicitor which will keep relaying the offers and responses.

Legal Matters

Using a conveyor for your conveyancing can make your moving much smoother. A solicitor is often used to be the conveyor of properties when moving house. Using a professional will make the process smoother - you may run into some daunting issues that you won't know how to get around without advice.

Exchange & Completion

After all checks and surveys have been completed, the exchange can begin. The exchange will be complete when the legal contracts have been signed and handed over. The contract is legally binding as soon as the deposit has been paid, you will officially be the new owner a couple of weeks after.

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