Selling A House

It might be worth considering getting insurance for the movements of the contents of your house. Most people don’t include this, or any breakages when they clear their properties. Ignoring this could cause issues and is only looked at as a personal problem. There are a lot of good services to make the job of selling a property quickly and easy. You can purchase a service which allows you to arrange the hold of your house contents during the completion of the sale. This can decrease the date from selling the house to moving out, as the buyer’s waiting time to move in can be decreased. The faster the whole process is, the faster you will have your final sum of money. You can rent a storage space like this over the telephone, setting a date for the service, arranging what contents you are storing and length of the selling period. In order to sell your property and get the highest potential of cash, it’s a good idea to consider



Check if you have any outstanding finances related to your property, such as mortgage payments. You will need to check if you will have any early repayment fees through your mortgage provider before you sell your house!

Choose an Estate Agent

Although it is possible to sell without an estate agent, it is far simpler to use an estate agent with access to online portals such as Right Move or Zoopla. Your agent will often manage viewings on your behalf as well as handle any communications with the buyer and manage things like capital gains tax and tell you things like your houses energy performance certificate.

Legal Representation

The conveyancing process must be handled by a licensed conveyancer or specialist solicitor. Find a conveyancing expert early in the process of selling your home.

Accepting an Offer

When you first receive an offer, make sure you negotiate! Many buyers will offer much less than they are prepared to pay, and your estate agent will advise whether the offer is acceptable or not.


Once the final terms of your contract of sale are finalized, the contract is exchanged with the buyer, which legally binds the sale. If you choose not to go ahead with the sale, the buyer could sue you! If the buyer pulls out at this stage, they lose their deposit.

Move Out

The final step in the sales process is to move out of the property on the assigned day and pay off the mortgage (if applicable) as well as your fees.

What fees do you have to pay when selling a house?

It is advised to plan before you sell your property, an estate agent won't do enough planning for a smooth sale. The biggest fee when moving house is the fees that the estate agent will charge you for their marketing. Every estate agent will have their own set percentage, but the majority of high street estate agents will charge around 1 to 3 per cent of the sale amount. Therefor your estate agent will vary based on the estate agent you're using and the price value of your property. If you have Furniture in your property, and you are wanting to take it with you, it is most likely going to cost you a fair amount to transport the items to your new house. The variables here are how heavy your furniture is and how big the distance is that you need it moved. This price is normally quite low unless you have a large house or a moving to a vastly different area. There are also legal fees to keep in mind when selling a house. You will have to pay solicitor fees because although the buyer is paying for the searches, you still have to pay for a licensed conveyancer when selling. This fee should set you back up to around £1500 maximum. Anyone selling a house is legally obligated to provide an energy performance certificate, which has information about the efficiency of the electrics in the property. If you don't have this certificate, it will cost you around £100 to get one.


Selling Your Old Property?

There are a number of fees and costs associated with selling your old home. Here at Moving Costs Calculator, we want to make things simple for you! Find out the precise costs of your sale with our helpful calculator

We can save you even more money with our quotes comparison! Check out the lowest costs and fees using our comparison tool inbuilt with the calculator to get the best rates possible.

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Use our helpful calculator to work out the costs of selling for when you sell your home - Instant quote comparisons for your selling fees and our selling property checklist to stay on top of your sale. Our calculator can save you time around the board. When selling property, there are many things that you have to consider whilst selling your property. Our calculator can save you time by doing multiple calculations at once, this way you will know what you can afford and what you are going to get. Our calculator will tell you to have much of your money will be going towards the estate agent fees, removal costs, Conveyancing Fees and Conveyancing Disbursements. The calculator will help you to understand what price you are to expect all together and how much you should look to budget on each section. An online estate agent make a good evaluation of your house price but may not make you aware of all the costs that are involved with selling your house.

What do I need to do to sell my house?

The first thing you should do when considering selling your property is to get a valuation, an online estate agent can give you a general idea but you are better off getting a local solicitor or licensed conveyor for your evaluations when moving to a new home. However, you should consider getting extra ones done because the valuation can vary and you don't have to stick to one seller, the price of the hose is up to you. Transferring ownership of a property is a legally binding action, which means you need to get a lawyer to transfer ownership; this action is called conveyancing. At this point, you may get an offer and have to sign the exchange contracts. This is the point at which you are legally bound to the sale, only if the buyer pulls out will the sale not proceed at this point. Once you have moved out in the time agreed, the solicitor will report the transfer of ownership of the land and will collect on their percentage which they agreed on before the sale started.

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