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There are lots of important steps to be mindful of when buying & selling property at the same time. Make sure you are aware of the different costs involved along the way with our Moving Costs Calculator.

Price & Offers

The price property is advertised at is not always the price you will end up paying. You make your offer through the seller’s estate agent, who relays the bid through to the seller, and brings their reply back to you. Also, don't forget about stamp duty costs for the future.


In an ideal world you will have arranged a mortgage before you find the perfect house. It is important to arrange your mortgage as soon as you have had your offer accepted, if not before!

Legal Matters

It is vital that you find a solicitor or conveyancer to deal with the legal aspects of buying and selling property. There are numerous costs involved with the conveyancing process such as lender valuations and stamp duty.

Home Survey

It is very important that you get a RICS Homebuyer survey report done on the property you are planning to buy, to ensure it is structurally sound. This is important for your mortgage provider too otherwise your house move and sale may fall through.

Exchange & Completion

The two most important parts of the conveyancing process! Exchange is when contracts are exchanged between buyer and seller. The whole sale and purchase are now legally bound. Completion usually follows a few weeks after, when money is transferred between parties.

The Chain

The home buying process is already complex, but it is often the case that you are part of a chain. This means that your sale/purchase is one link in a chain of buyers and sellers, so it is important your legal representatives do tasks at the same time as the rest of the chain.


Buying & Selling

It is not news that buying and selling property is an expensive activity – alongside being one of the most stressful! Here at Moving Costs Calculator, we want to make things all the easier for you. By knowing ahead of time what the costs associated with your move are likely to be, you can be prepared for selling and buying property. These costs can include Home Insurance, Stamp Duty (one that many people forget), Removal Quotes and Conveyancing Quotes

We have developed a useful and easy to use calculator which not only shows you the likely expenses involved in your transaction, but also quote comparisons which you can use to find the lowest prices for your costs throughout the buying and selling process.

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Moving Costs


Use our simple calculator tool to discover the expected costs for your home move, whether you are buying, selling or both!

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