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Free, easy and very simple to use - our moving costs calculator provides an accurate estimate on the costs of moving, buying and selling your home. We also have a moving house checklist to keep you on track of your moving responsibilities.


Tell the calculator about your move - are you buying a house, selling a house, or doing both? You also tell us about the address of the new property, where in the United Kingdom it is located (as this will affect the fees) along with various other details about the property (or properties) that you are looking to purchase, sell or transfer.


As you input data into the calculator, the fees and costs on the side will alter depending on your answers. We quickly work out the exact fees and costs you are likely to incur with your move. We have broken down the different parts into easy to understand headings, with explanations of each part to help you fully understand the different sections.


Finally, click the buttons to the side of the calculator to compare quotes, find services or companies to assist you, or simply learn more about the different parts of the move. We can help you get the best prices for your removals, insurance, mortgage suppliers and conveyancing, plus a great deal more with our partner service offers!

Our Simple Steps...

It's easy to become lost in the whole house buying and selling process - it is so complex! Allow us to help you get the best prices for your move, along with a better understanding of how the process works.

Be prepared for the costs and fees involved in your move with our helpful calculator and stay one step ahead of the game!

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Moving Costs


Use our simple calculator tool to discover the expected costs for your home move, whether you are buying, selling or both!

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