How Expensive is Moving House?

The Costs of your First House Move

It's a fact of life that you'll have to move. It may be a requirement, a stepping stone, or your ideal house, but nearly everyone experiences it at some point in their lives - and it's typically more stressful than getting divorced or having a kid.

The most essential thing to consider is cost, especially when moving day is approaching, and you've already gone through the financial sludge of stamp duty, surveys, legal fees, insurance, and mortgage broker payments.

To make your final stage of moving as smooth as possible, we've calculated all the potential costs you might come across when hiring a removals company.

Average Cost of Moving

The average cost of moving within the United Kingdom is £1,181. This is the average cost to relocate the belongings in a three-bedroom house to another residence that's 50 miles away.

The cost of buying and selling the UK average house, which does not account for any price difference between the two properties, is £7,770.99 on average.

This means that after you've moved your belongings, most of the spending is done – in fact, removal costs only account for around 13% of the average £8,951.99 total spend.

How are Moving Costs Calculated?

The distance your removals firm must journey and the size of your things going in the truck are the most significant factors to consider while estimating how much you'll pay for moving services.

The cost of the following will depend on certain variables, with a three-bed house averaging at this price:

Loading and unloading (£806)

Packing services and materials (£250)

Dismantling and reassembling (£125)

You will also incur a per-mile fee for the distance between your current and new home; this rate is typically £1/mi. The first 50 miles are included in other expenses, but let's assume that your new home is 120 miles away--that would mean an additional cost of £70.

Potential Extra Moving Costs

If you have more belongings than what is average for a home, the workers who are loading your items may take more time, and thus you would need to pay them more. There are some objects which removal teams deem as being experts only, like grand pianos or heavy baths. These usually cost £125 per item.

In addition, you might need additional packing materials or even a storage space, which usually costs around £30 per week. If it's tough to get in or out of your property, you could be charged an additional fee.

Final Thoughts

At this point, you should know the different kinds of expenses related to moving, as well as which elements can contribute to a larger final cost.

With this knowledge, you can save yourself the trouble of lugging around possessions you don't need by deciding which ones are worth taking with you and selling or getting rid of the rest.

With an understanding of typical costs, you may obtain bids from a number of removal firms. You're ready to go, and you're ready to pay the lowest possible price for it. Make sure to check out our moving house checklist for any extra help you might need.

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